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MS-150 2010 Event

Team ICM Rides the Rhode for MS

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On June 26-27, seven TEAM ICM members participated in the Rhode Island Chapter’s MS-150 cycling event. With support of their families all along the way, Luke Baiungo, Mark Buron, Joe Mills, Ray Mills, Kempton Mood, Mike Pothier and Eric Wescott completed the two(2)-day, 150-mile course. The extensive representation of wives, grandparents, kids and grandkids at the rest-stops and overnight location was noticeable to all MS participants and staff. The events of the weekend are endless and included: riding bicycles, seeing family at the various rest stops, repairing a team member’s bicycle, buying a replacement bicycle at a yard sale for $5.00 to enable a member to complete the first leg of the ride, introduction of “The Huff”, swimming in the hotel pool and many laughs. The MS-150, Ride the Rhode, is always a great weekend and a great cause supported annually by TEAM ICM.

Here are some photos from the events: